Changi Airport Group Flying High on F1

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18 September 2009

The flag-off of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix begins at Changi Airport.
What could possibly be more exciting than a race of racecars?

The Challenge

Think big and think high-octane.
Think unconventional.
Think of a big media idea.

The Idea and Execution

Ever seen a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera race against a Boeing 747?
Now that’s a race like no other – and worth views after views on YouTube.
Held on a sunny Saturday afternoon on the runway of Changi Airport, the kind of stuff seen only in Bond movies, it was to be the most eagerly anticipated event of the year (before the F1).

The crowd of 1,200 invited guests gathered. Photographers and editors of online news were invited to generate content to feed bloggers and the online community. Our Tribal DDB team was also there to feed the content ‘live’ online.

The race was over in 19.8 sec, but that’s when social media accelerated as the race spread through blogs, news site, YouTube; beyond Singapore to China, India, UK and the world.

It even made News 5 on TV with a 2-min coverage (of course, much later in the day).

The Results

Who won?
The Porsche 911 by 0.4 seconds.
But the real winner was Changi Airport brand – by a mile.

The Changi Airport Race took pole position for the online community worldwide.

  • Videos posted by Tribal DDB editors hit more than 170,000 views in 3 days
  • Over 7,000 English blogs with more than 92% of positive posts
  • Over 58,000 search results (in English only)
  • Extensive discussion in Singapore and abroad, in 125 forums
  • 2-min news coverage on News 5 and newspaper report
  • News coverage in countries as far as China, India and the UK

It generated tremendous buzz and media value worth at least US$1 mil (we’re still counting).
Among the 1,200 guests who attended the race, local blog stood out for saying simply, “I took part in making history today.”

Now, that’s a magnificent and measurable media idea!